Sunday, June 23, 2019

Over The Rainbow.

The little Allegan Old Regent Theater shows old movies once a month. Last month it was The Wizard Of Oz. We took all three kids to see it and had a blast. Eli didn't want to stand with the scarecrow though.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Forty Nine Years Of Hard Work ..He Is Officially Retired.

My husband has worked a long time (49 years)to finally enjoy the life he has made for us. Our son and his family(dear daughter in laws wonderful idea)threw him a surprise mini-retirement party at Famous Daves last evening. He actually thought we were going to get the kids to take them to dinner so the parents could go out for a date night. He was genuinely surprised.
The best part of the ride home was when I texted son and said thank you all for a wonderful evening and we love you. He replied "Love you too! It's a small thank you for years of work(his and yours) to make my life amazing" We hit the lotto in the kid department.

Washed Out Granny

I found this washed out denim yarn at Hobby Lobby and knew it would work up into a great throw. Had not made a granny in a long time so decided that would be the pattern. It takes more yarn then you would think to get it this big. Now onto another project. ( The yarn is HL's I Love This Yarn)