Friday, July 30, 2010

The Latest And Greatest.

OK so I saved my pennies and bought a Cricut Create last year for Christmas.I have one of those husbands that says"just go buy yourself something".If I leave him to his own devices he waits until 24TH at 11.55 pm runs to the Wal Mart and buys me tube socks and gum..and NO I am not kidding.Sooooooo I LOVE my Cricut and now they bring out the grandaddy of new models...THE IMAGINE.I think the name is appropriate as I said to myself when seeing the price tag."Can you Imagine anyone at Provo Craft who thinks in this economy we can afford the $600.00 price tag attached to this baby",alas will not be me.

Here is a synopsis of the machine as reported by Scrapbook
Fresh from a demo by a Provo Craft engineer… here is the scoop on the Cricut Imagine!
Provo Craft is partnering with HP to create the Imagine.
HP makes the ink jet print element and then sends it to PC to install in the Imagine.
Dual ink cartridges: Black ($34.99 MSRP) and Tricolor ($39.99 MSRP).
Cartridges should print 150 full pages.
Machine ships with full-size ink cartridges.
Imagine uses the same blades as the current Cricuts.
Available 9/14 on HSN.
MSRP is $599
Weighs 28lbs
Gypsy update to be released on 9/13 that will let the Gypsy work with the Imagine.
Works with current Cricut cartridges.
They will be releasing cartridges if colors and textures that can be used as “fill” in existing shape cartridges.
Blade and print head do not ride on same carriage like patent filing detailed.

So will you be buying one or is it priced way to high for your pocketbook?Now if they would take the old model in on trade hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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