Monday, October 18, 2010

Sad,Sad News.

I t is with regret that I post that Arnie's Crafts of Greenville MI has decided to close its doors and shift their entire business to Houghten Lake MI.Way to far for most of us here in my part of MI to travel to buy paper crafts.If they are trying to make other online retailers the only way to go they sure made great strides by making the decision to close their doors in Greenville.A talented card artist Sue Nelson,along with many more great ladies will lose their jobs by the end of December 2010.When a TV show is about to be axed fans flood the shows producers and local stations with letters telling them what a bad move this would be,sometimes it is saved.If you have two minutes that you could spare to E mail Penny(the store manager) and let her know that it would be a great loss to all of us to lose Arnie's that would be so appreciated.Losing Arnie's is not the only job loss that Greenville MI has experienced.They had an appliance manufacturer take all jobs to Mexico and close the plant,it was devastating.Many small business closed because of this.The housing market stinks in Michigan so many have lost their homes.PLEASE send Penny an E-mail at  (not sure it will direct link so cut and paste into your browser please).
and let her know your thoughts.Here is a response to an E mail I sent her saying how sorry I was for the companies decision.
Hi Pam,
Thanks for the good words! I'm printing out the e-mails for the girls.
This is tough for all of us. I think the guys decision has been made, but
I am forwarding e-mails to them to let them see the responses.

I guess we can just hope for a reprieve at this point.

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