Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The November Blog Candy Winner Is.........

The winner of the November blog candy is PAPER DOLL who said.

#1. The few unmounted stamps I have are stored in CD cases. I stamp a sheet of paper on the outside to show what is stored inside.

#2. I only have a few 12 x 12 papers. These are stored in an over sized envelope I got somewhere and is sandwiched in between my wallpaper books to keep it from bending.

#3. My husband made me a ribbon rack that uses dowel rods. There are 8 tiers of ribbons.

#4 For embellishments I bought cases that hold small containers (think tic tac shaped).

Thanks for playing  Paper Doll and remember you have one week to claim your prize or it goes into next months candy basket.E mail me at and put blog candy winner storage in the subject line.I will need your name and snail mail addy to send your candy.

Next months giveaway will be the last for a few months.It will be chocked full of goodies watch for it next week and be ready to play,will be Christmas themed.

.**Anyone know paper doll you might want to give her a heads up.**

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