Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Am Having A Stamp/Craft Garage Sale On Blogger.

I have decided to purge a bunch of "stuff".You know the "stuff" that seems to grow in all the cabinets.Buy one pen and before you know it you have 10.So Starting bright and early February 1 2011 I am selling off my extras.This will include stamps,gadgets,and brass stencils.I also have some Sizzix dies if anyone is looking for them.I will have them in groups.Each group will have numbers on the item to be sold.Like group A stamp 2.I will then know by that set of numbers/letters the one you would like to purchase.I am not an auction so it is first come first served and I will go by time and date stamp on E-mail.buyer is responsible for shipping and I plan on making a deal on that part of it if you purchase at least $50.00 worth of items.I do not take Pay Pal so checks or money orders only will be accepted.I have had people send cash who live in Canada so that there is no exchange rate problems.I have never had problems with that method but its up to you.If you are from Canada you must use this method or make sure the correct amount including exchange is included in your payment.
So be watching I have a lot of great images and some from companies out of the biz and some really great old SU sets.I am also selling a flower press that can be used in the microwave and an Arnold Grummer paper press and video along with molds and linter.Sorry no paper for sale as it is a pain to ship without damage.
The garage sale will be located under the label 4 sale if the post falls off the blog.

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