Monday, January 31, 2011

STAMP SALE FEB 1 2011 through Feb 28 2011


Well I have most of my items scanned in but will be adding more as the week goes on. After this Friday all I have for sale will be posted. Here is the way it will work. The stamps are in groups with letters and numbers such as G16 is a punch with a .50 price tag. Just give me the letter, number and price combo and I can tell you if it is available. If you find what you like E mail me at put sale in the subject line PLEASE. I will then confirm that those are still available and you can choose your shipping method. If you buy quite a few then a flat rate box may be your way to go if not then I can ship them cheap and if you want insurance that is extra. I take personal checks, money orders or cashiers checks as payment. SORRY NO PAYPAL or CREDIT CARDS. If you are a Gingerwoodie than I have probably done business with you in the past and your order will ship within two days (depending on the weather, remember I am in Michigan) If not a GW member or a Stamp Ohio member then your check must clear before I send your items. PLEASE do not have me hold stamps if you do not intend to pay for them as others will want them. Remember these are a want not a need so don’t write a check that will possibly not clear and cost us both fees that I will try and recoup. My bank charges $35.00(off their website info) for a bad check OUCH. If you are comfortable sending cash as some on GW have done with me in the past let me know that will be your payment method. Canadian orders must send cash as the exchange rate is so screwy. Once the item is sold I will let you know. You will have 7 days to get your payment to me if not received in 7 days then I will repost the items. If you need a day or so longer PLEASE let me know. Communication is key to a great sale. I check my E mail many times during the day and I will respond to any and all questions. There will be items for sale on the front blog page and more sale items under the tag 4 SALE located on right side bar of this blog .Thanks for looking and hope you find some deals.

**If you buy $50.00 or more I will split the shipping**

Happy Shopping.

If you have trouble reading the prices try enlarging your page or clicking on the picture and most computers will enlarge that picture in a seperate window for you.

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