Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heart Trouble,Pretty Flowers AND Shemar.

On the 19th of April I had a heart attack.I was ironing at the time and my dearest friend Kati told me it was caused by ironing and to "throw the thing out"Well the iron is still here and I have learned that Dr's CAN kill you.My potassium was really low and the Dr gave me the advice to lower my blood pressure meds and did not look at the one I was still(has a diuretic in it) on AND told me to drink lots more water.. the water makes you go(not going into detail on that sorry ) she did NO blood test for low potassium and the already low potassium got low,low,lower and BAM I had a heart attack.The next day I had a heart cath and I still feel like I got hit by a bus.Oh and the Dr said she was not responsible--I have changed Dr's

OK on to the Shemar part of this post and back to dear friend who told me to throw out the iron.She sent me a balloon and a cute little brown bunny who was promptly name Shemar Moore.Don't know who this is? Well Google him -- yup he is a looker,sorry Tom.
Shemar the Bunny

Shemar Moore the actor.

My friend Tina came and stayed with me the day after I came home so Tom could go back to work and she brought me the prettiest arrangement.Then my granddaughter's from my oldest son Shawn,sent me a nice vase of tulips.We are near Holland and it is almost tulip time so really fitting.My youngest son brought a lilly when they came to dinner on the following Sunday(Easter).He also brought the main meat course so all we had to do was make baked potatoes and a salad.My husbands company sent me an arrangement of flowers you plant outside.They will be remembered for years or until I kill them off.In Ohio I had a green thumb,here

 it is black.I hated going through all this but it sure makes you grateful for what you have and for what you don't have you just pray that someday it gets better and stop worrying about things that are not in your realm of control.Hope you all had a blessed happy Easter.

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