Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Things Are Happening.

Lots of good things coming are way...I spent the last month reading the Hunger Games Trilogy.I like to read the books before they come to the big screen.I went with a friend this morning to see it and it did not disappoint,stayed pretty true to the book.Hope the second movie comes out soon.If you get a chance read the books--they are so worth the read.
We also might be locating somewhere else.The DH does not like the drive in the winter when they don't plow until we get 4-6 inches.He wants to be on more acreage but he has decided he needs to win the Publisher Clearing house for that to come true.Either great property and shack of a house or no property and a great home..... decisions decisions.
The last thing happens in the fall--I will post it as soon as it happens..can not wait.

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emarci said...

Glad to hear happy news! Keep it coming :)