Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Only Project To Take Me Away From Stamping.

This has been a busy Spring.We sadly have had 3 deaths in the last 2 months so a few trips to Ohio were made.It has been warmer than usual so we have had yard work earlier and my allergies are full blown now.I usually don't have this much trouble until middle of July.
My BF in Ohio Kati's daughter Waverly graduates this weekend.Monday will be her party and we are heading south again for that.I wanted to give her something special so I made her a memory quilt.I made one a few years ago when our friend Jo's daughter,Meg graduated.I thought I would never make another but Wave is time I make one Gracie will graduate.Lets see that will give me 12 years to get it done (-:.
Wave does not read my blog so I am safe posting it.Congratulations Waverly for a job well done..we love you and are really proud of you.Good luck at the big D in the fall.

Waverly ..not her grad pic but it is my favorite--her mom took  this pic.

Her favorite Bible verse.I thought the pic went great with it.

She is in love with those McDonald's coffees.These pics are pre ironing the two below are after ironing.Now back to stamping


Donna C. said...

LOVE it!!! What a pretty girl Waverly is. My sister keeps trying to get me into quilting, but fabric and I do not get along. What a gift of love!!

KatiStamps said...

This was definitely one of her most cherished gifts! I can't believe my baby girl is in college now!