Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thank You Snickers Bar.

My DH has been buying Snickers bars to take in his lunch.They carry a code in them for free movie cash.We have won about every time we get a code.Last summer we were able to go to a movie at least 3 times a month for FREE.
Today we went to the 9:00AM as it is only $2.50 to get in and we had $3.00 each in movie bucks.What did we spend all that hard earned movie cash on you may ask?

The Bourne Legacy


We are pretty big fans of the whole Bourne franchise..I am a Matt Damon fan and he was great but I can get used to Jeremy Renner in no time at all.....if you want to see a good spy movie go see this.....oh and look for free movie codes inside Snicker bars.No coupon to mail in just match your code and if you win..print out your ticket voucher.No I do not work for the candy company.

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