Friday, December 21, 2012

Memory Boxes...LUV To Make Them.

I recently made a memory box for my friend Kati's husband John for a Christmas present.His dad passed away a little while back and it was so nice to be able to find the right poem and other things to honor him.He was a Marine so I went with that theme.I gave it to him last Sunday...I think he liked it.

The next two are for my daughter in laws father and her brother.I had made one for my daughter in law Shawn when her Grandma Lyons passed away.Her mom liked it and asked me to make her son one and I had planned on making one for Shawn's dad anyway for Christmas.Making them for people you know is harder because it is sort of sad to remember but after they are finished it is like visiting an old friend.

Now back to sewing the rest of my Christmas projects up.P.J bottoms and fleece hats for the girls and a blanket for Miss Ella......then back to stamping.Merry Christmas all.

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KatiStamps said...

John definitely liked it and was so moved that you remembered Maurice. He had me buy and easel at HL, and it is displayed on one of the old school desks in the living room.