Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Still Packed Away.....

We moved in March and have been rehabbing our new house.Almost done inside and waiting on the roofer and concrete guy to fit us in to their schedule.My husband is creating my craft space in our basement..He just finished the ceiling and we have drywall on one wall to put up and then paint and luscious cherry flooring.We stopped at a Lumber Liquidators in Kazoo and they had it marked down from $12.00 a SQ to $1.29 a SQ so we took all they had..figured we could sell the rest.
We love not having to spend so much time doing yard work and housework.Our natural gas bill is a treat to pay over the large propane bill that used to come.We live across from a school and library and it is still really quiet for being in town.The husband misses his ability to shoot his bow and gun off at will but not the long drive he used to have.Everything in life is a trade off he has found out.
I found this on FB today and thought I would share it.Hope to be back to creating soon.

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