Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October Blog Candy Now Available.

Congrats  Monica for claiming the September blog candy,please let us know when it arrives.So on to a new month and a new bag of candy.Here are a few questions to get you entered into the monthly drawing.

1.Who is your favorite stamp company and why?

2.Do you find yourself doing more scrapbooking or card making?

3.If you could own one craft item you don't have,what would it be?

Just answer the above questions by leaving a comment under this post.Check back the 1st of November to see if your name has been randomly drawn using the site .Yes you need to check back and do it within one week of your name being drawn or you forfeit your prize to the next months drawing.I am not chasing anyone down to announce they have won.Hang a sticky note on your computer with the date and pop back over to see if you are a winner and then e mail me with your snail mail addy at
Only one post per person will be considered for the giveaway and it is open to USPS and Canadian residents only.Postage will be paid by me and the value of the prize is $25.00 including postage.Good luck all and


Monica-FC said...

1.Who is your favorite stamp company and why? stampin up. you can get them wood mounts and clear. plus if you have a demo that is cool and funny also like mine is then it makes it all the better.

2.Do you find yourself doing more scrapbooking or card making? I do alot of both, but cards will always come first since I have been doing it longer.

3.If you could own one craft item you don't have,what would it be? scor-pal buddy for cards. this would be neat since it is just for cards.

I received the prize package also today in the mail and i just want to say thank you. I will be putting it up on my blog for everyone to see.

linda patti said...

my favorite stamp company now is HERO ARTS. I do more CARDS than scrapbooking, although i see that changing now that i am a grandmother! The one item i would like to own is a cuttlebug machine, i'm still using my great red sizzex! lol

Jen said...

Favorite Stamp Company? Meijer :) I'm cheap and not the biggest stamper - yet. I usually by acrylics on sale at Meijer. Don't kill me.

Scrapbooking or card making?
Definitely scrapbooking. Definitely.
I am a total sucker for chronicling my life in photographic form.

Own one craft item?
The Cricut... OMG, I want the Cricut.

Nelda Deakins said...

There are so many stamp companies that I patronize, but guess I'll have to say that Hero Arts is my favorite right now. I do not scrapbook, but keep promising myself I will soon begin - so I have to say that stamping (card making) is my favorite past time. The one craft item I don't have but would love to own is the Cricut Gypsy. Nelda in TN

Theresa said...

Hi Pam,
Thanks for offering blog candy again.
1. My favorite stamp co. is Stampin Up because it is most accessible to me. I live in a small town and we do not have a lss.
2. I only make cards because I know I would not be good at scrapbooking. Not the creative part, but the finishing part. I am a good starter, not finisher and scrapbooks seem to be a long drawn out process. I still have 4 empty babybooks from my kids. Have all the information, just never got around to putting it in the books.
3. I think I would like a Cricut Expression, but then I don't know if I could afford all the cartridges I would want lol.

Theresa in Kitimat

Anonymous said...

1. My favorite stamp company is Close To My Heart. I love their clear stamps b/c now my dh has no idea how many stamps I have!!!
2. I enjoy scrapbooking and card making. If I had to pick, I would probably chose scrapbooking because I also love to take pictures!
3. The one craft line I would want would be an unending supply of cricut cartridges! I love my cricut and just wish I could afford every cartridge that goes with it!
Kati W.