Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Sweet New Baby Coming Soon.

My son P.J and his wife Shawn and their little girl Grace are expecting a new addition.A little girl named Ella will be here very soon.My daughter in law let me paint the baby room and make curtains and a quilt for the bed.Grace is a lover of pepto bismal  pink and Shawn decided that blue was not just for girls and wanted a change from the normal gender colors.Shawn and P.J put up a saying over the crib and using a laser level it went up great.She has said that if the marriage can survive putting that up it will survive anything.I love to sew and this was a fun project.Can not wait until baby Ella makes her appearance.


Monica-FC said...

I love the saying on the wall. that is so fitting for a new life. love the curtains also.

Jen said...

That room looks so sweet :) I can't wait to meet this new addition!