Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This months blog candy giveaway questions are on storage tips.

1.How do you store your clear and unmounted stamps?

2.How do you store your 12x12 paper?

3.What tips can you give on storing ribbon?

4.What do you do with all those tiny embellishments?

The giveaway will be worth $25.00 (Jen claimed her prize) and that includes shipping.it is open to anyone in the USA and Canada.One name will be drawn on the first of December by a random number generator.This time you can earn an extra entry by sending me a picture of your best storage solution.That can be sent to goblue11654@yahoo.com This E mail is ONLY for the picture entry.The question entry must be posted under this post to qualify.**You must check back to see if your name has been drawn.You will have 10 days to claim your win,if not claimed it goes into the next months giveaway.**
Good luck and if you have a blog that shows off your stamp/scrap space post that with your entry.Everyone loves looking in on another work space.

**I have added an other picture from blogger Jen Brown.She earned another entry by sending a picture of her storage ideas and or craft room pics.Thanks Jen**

Here are some of my storage solutions.
I store most of my buttons,brads and such in this Avon jewelry organizer,has tons of pockets and is double sided .The cost was around $9.00

I store the bulk of my spool ribbon in these drawers,makes finding the right color very easy.The rest I store in these candy jars from Hobby Lobby.

I store my unmounted and clears in these CD cases from StampinUp.

This is my 12x12 paper storage from Cropper Hopper.

These are my sticker and rub ons arranged by theme.

All of my Cricut and Cuttlebug dies and cartridges are stored in this re purposed linen tower.

There are some of my storage solutions so now let me see how you organize.

Jen Browns craft storage solutions.



Monica-FC said...

1.How do you store your clear and unmounted stamps? they are in baskets right now as that works for me at the monet.

2.How do you store your 12x12 paper? in a milk crate that someone was going to throw away. it works and holds alot of paper.

3.What tips can you give on storing ribbon? I have mine on ribbon holders from oriental trading and a paper twoel holder also. plus i have more in a plastic container with lid also.

4.What do you do with all those tiny embellishments? buy those multi-hole containers that you can buy at pat cantans or at oriental trading. there is alot of compartments there and i also use empty medication bottles for storing also. you can see thru those somewhat ok. they hold alot.

MaryFrances said...

1. In the stampin' up cd style cases
2. Hanging file folders
3. Rain gutter!!! it's the best!
4. Clear bags hanging on a clip-it-up.
Love your organization tips, TFS.

April said...

1. I have short plastic baskets with categories written on the outside and they are stacked on shelves where I can pull them off quickly.

2. I bought a used 12 x 12 paper stand from a scrapbook store to store my paper.

3. My ribbon rolls are arranged by color in 2 drawers. Wish I had room for them to be on a rod so I could see them and just cut off what I need.

4. I bought these great little plastic containers with sections at target in their dollar section -- to put my embellies in! I love them because I can see through them and then grab the ones I need to take with me. I will send you a picture of them.

Anonymous said...

most of my ums are stored in cd cases. my 12/12 paper is stored sideways in a wooden cube storage area. i happened to get some old storage pieces for ribbon from a Jo Ann's that was remodeling. and smaller snippet i store in a plastic shoe box or floss holder.
most of my tiny embellishments are in floss holders or my 30 drawer organizer for nuts an bolts etc.

linda patti tpatti@windstream.net

Anonymous said...

#1. The few unmounted stamps I have are stored in CD cases. I stamp a sheet of paper on the outside to show what is stored inside.
#2. I only have a few 12 x 12 papers. These are stored in an oversized envelope I got somewhere and is sandwhiched in between my wallpaper books to keep it from bending.
#3. My husband made me a ribbon rack that uses dowel rods. There are 8 tiers of ribbons.
#4 For embellishments I bought cases that hold small containers (think tic tac shaped).

Thanks for a chance to win... Paper Doll

Jen said...

1.How do you store your clear and unmounted stamps?
I put them back in the wrapper they came in because I'm to cheap to buy the cases. However I did buy a folder sorter the other day.

2.How do you store your 12x12 paper?
I use my husbands old t.v. stand. there is a short shelf for dvd players on top and i stack my paper in there. I also have a tote organizer that I can categorize and sort loose sheets.

3.What tips can you give on storing ribbon?
Do you know anyone who made a shelf unit in shopclass during highschool? It seems to be the going thing 10 years ago. I have one that I bought at a garage sale for $2. I glued a few pieces of wood to hold dowels then put my ribbon on the dowels, put them in the shelf and viola! organized ribbon that is easy to pull and cut.

4.What do you do with all those tiny embellishments?
I worked at Gander Mountain for three years... I took advantage of my discount.. ladies, next time your hubby wants to go to a hunting store, tag along. Hobby Lobby or Michael's will charge you $5-6 for a small organizer box... Gander? $2 for the same thing.. hit it up!!

Anonymous said...

I store my clear mounted stamps in the package it comes in. I don't have that many. So far that works for me.
I store my 12x12 paper in a crate made for 12x12 paper.
Storing ribbon, my brother made me a ribbon rack. I filled that and also store ribbon in clear storage container.
Embellishments...I bought containers with little sections for the different embellishments I have. Thank you for a chance to win Blog Candy!
Judie fratjtj@onlyinternet.net

Denise said...

1. In binders (some of them) and some are just in a drawer of an Iris cart.
2. I have a cupboard in my stamproom that was a nightstand at one time, but it fits 12x12 paper, two piles side by side.
3. I wrap around cardboard pieces with slots cut along opposite edges. Bought them years ago.
4. Mostly in drawers with like items in Iris carts.