Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sympathy And Jolee's Flowers.

When Flowerland was going out of the crafts business I bought up a whole bunch of these Jolee's flower sheets.They were selling them for .25 and they had been $2.50,I have them in blue also.Was trying to find something simple to put on the front.I need to find fairly flat as the USPO rips you off on the small "bump" in the enve.The other day I wanted to mail something with a bump and the woman at the desk said it had to go as a small package and it would cost $3.70.For a card with a small bump.I said I would UPS it before I would pay that.Took it to another PO and they charged me 2 stamps.No wonder the USPS is losing business.


Jen said...

I made a card for my friend when her grandma passed away and it was too small for just one stamp.. ridiculous.. its too small?

P.J.R said...

I know you cant sent little gift cards--I sent a bunch and they all came back-- said not a regulation size put in a larger enve..Grr I feel your pain Jen a Roo