Monday, September 12, 2011

A Trip To Amish Country .

My DH and son have been doing the male bonding thing all week in Minnesota.They went with my DH's brothers and a couple of other relatives.They went canoeing and slept in the wilderness...........ya OK not so much fun I am thinking so I stay home and I get to have my kind of fun.
My friend Tina and I decided to go to Shipshewana to shop and eat at the Blue Gate restaurant.YUM.
We left MI around 8:00AM and just took our time.We stopped for coffee and at a warehouse place that usually sells all tools.Tina found a library card cabinet for storing fat quarters in.REALLY nice for a great price.We then arrived at Shipshi around 10:00AM.We hit up a couple of little antique shops and then went to Davis Mercantile.There they have a ton of cute shops and two that are really nice.The Scrapyard is a scrap and stamp store that has just about everything you could want in scrap and stamp.The owner Linda Bontrager is so very nice.They are also hooked up with the candy store next door,Aunt Millie's.Just looking at the candy made you gain 10 pounds.We took some pictures of some of the goodies in the scrap yard so enjoy and then go visit them.

Owner Linda Bontrager

LOTS of pretty paper and stock.

Lots of pretty Prima's

My friend Tina who will be playing Vanna White in the quilting segment of this post.

So darn cute.

I thought this was really cute.

Another cute idea--they are all over the store.

Lots of Bo Bunny

One of the largest selections of My Favorite Things stamps I have seen anywhere.Some just had to come home with me,they insisted.

 OK now on to the quilting segment of this mini daycation.

The quilt shop is 3 floors and the bottom is the bargain bin store called The Lang Store and The Cuddle Corner.The Cuddle Corner sells all soft fleecy baby fabric.Lots of precut panels to make your own.Some of the made up ones reminded me of ice cream.The pink and browns were Neapolitan of course.

Vanna/Tina showing off the great fabric.

Walls of fleece precuts.

Well that concludes the mini tour of the Davis Mercantile that houses all these quaint little shops.Oh and before I forget the Scrapyard will ship so if you ever need anything jot down this number and then call and ask for Linda.Phone is (260)768-7728.The website is the E mail is the snail mail addy is Scrapyard co Davis Mercantile 3rd floor  PO Box 134 225 Harrison Shipshewana,IN 46565.
Oh and last but not least we ate at the Bluegate restaurant...great food and our waitress was the sweetest person.It was a long day and the weather was a bit muggy and overcast but all in all it was a great trip.


emarci said...

I am envious! Looks like a wonderful place to visit - I haven't seen a real stamp/scrapbook store in so long. Thanks for sharing. <3

Denise said...

Looks like a couple of great stores! I bet you got some new treasures....

Jen said...

OH my gosh, I LOOOOVE the scrapyard. I have some adorable paper from there that I used for our reunion from a couple years ago. I wish I would have had more money at that time, but Sean had just been laid off.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

THIS LOOKS like a perfect destination for a crafter! I'm so glad you shared pictures and descriptions. Maybe someday I will get to visit the Scrapyard.