Monday, July 9, 2012

File Away Your Birthday.

I saw a card similar to this at a convention and ran across it when I was dumping pics off my camera. Thought it would be fun to make and when I snagged these 5x5 file pockets from KI Memories for $2.39 instead of the almost $5.00 that was the original price,I knew it was meant to be .There were 4 big pockets in the package so it really was a good deal.

I had 50 sheets of these invites that you make yourself.Won them in a scrap basket draw at a scrap store.I have had them for a long time and decided they would be perfect for this project.

After cutting them apart I stamped each one with a birthday saying or life altering quote....OK might not be life altering.

Then I used one of the file pockets and a A7 card body from Hobby Lobby.I glued the  inside front of the card body to the inside back of the card body to make it a strong one piece card.Then I attached the file pocket..has a huge self adhesive area on the back so no worry about it falling off.

I also used the banding off the invite sheet to decorate the top of the card.I made an attempt to hide the name of the person on the card but oopsed that on the next picture..oh well she will see it before she gets it.

Here is the finished card.The message was computer generated.The  wishes cards lay flat in the pocket for mailing.I guess the motto don't throw anything out applies here.I was going to put those invites in a sale and at the last minute  took them out of the sell box.

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