Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sweet Ryan Now Wrapped In Love.

We have some really sweet friends,Amber and Todd B that used to be our neighbors when we lived north of Grand rapids.They moved to Howell MI and we have stayed in touch.I Recently learned that their second cousin a little girl named Ryan was fighting this rare form of cancer and had been traveling back and forth to St. Judes.Amber and I put our heads together(no comment on that one Tom or Todd) and decided to make Ryan a memory quilt.Like a scrapbook but she could wrap it around herself when times are tough and she knows she is surrounded with love.She recently received it so no pics of her with it but thought you all might like to see it.The white squares are left blank so that her docs and friends can sign it and leave her a message of care and love.It was such a treat to work on it with Amber and know it was for such a sweet girl. Here is what it looked like when it left my house..The bottom picture is Ryan.

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