Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Mini Vacation....Or How I Shopped For Stash Through Two States.

My hubs takes a canoe adventure vacation that lasts one week with his brothers every other year.Since we only get two weeks vacation(he also has to save part of that if he is sick or needs to go to the dentist)  I get hosed every other year as we don't get to take any other vacation.He says MY vacation is him being gone.The last time he went away I painted the whole upstairs while he was gone...yup just lazed around eating bonbons.This year he decided that he would take me anywhere I wanted to go for two of the vacation days.We left on a Friday morning early heading to Nashville Indiana,with a stop in Indy on the way.So I will bet you are thinking we stopped in Indy to see the race track.Mnmmmmmmmmm no,Archiver's Scrapbook Shop was my destination.They closed the one in Fort Wayne Indiana and this is the next closest,not even day trip close now )-: .They do not allow you to take pictures in there but here is some of the goodies I left the store with.Some of the pics are of things I bought on the way back into Indy going home..darn if they do not have two Archiver's in Indianapolis....YESSSSSSSSSSSS.

BLING to the max.

LOVE AI stamps

After we left Indy we headed to Columbus Indiana where we were going to stay for the remainder of our trip.The Sleep Inn was totally remodeled and had the prettiest rooms and the cash price( yes if you offer cash it is cheaper)was $79.99 a night.Everything else around their was way over $100.00 a night.Tom was just happy that a flat screen TV was in the room and the race was on....I watched a movie on my Nook and used the FREE WiFi at the Hotel.That night we went to downtown Columbus and ate at a great Ice Cream place called Zaharakos.It is like a mini museum and everything is the way it was eons ago.It is a must see if you are ever in Columbus Indiana and the food is really good.

The next day we enjoyed a really great breakfast at the Hotel..fresh fruit and waffles and eggs juice coffee and much more..that was included in our stay.We headed out for Nashville the one and only plcae I really wanted to go.My real reason for going was to visit Papertrix stamp and scrap store.I had read about them in a magazine two years before and decided that someday I would get there.....that day finally arrived.

These are the owners of Papetrix,Cindy and Wayne Hawrys. They are THE friendliest people and they make you feel right at home.I could have stayed there a week if I thought the hubs would sit on the porch that long.They had a great selection of Graphic 45 and I even found some of the old movie stars paper that has been retired.

The pink floral paper was used in my daughter in law Shawn's mom day card this year.(previous post )

Finally had to leave Papertrix but I for sure will be going back.We toured the town a bit and rode a train that took you on a little tour and highlighted some of the great buildings in town.

Our train Engineer.

Here are just a few of the buildings and flowering trees we happened upon that day.

The hubs ...he really was having fun.

We then drove over to Bloomington Indiana to a cute scrapbook shop called The Paper Pusher.NOT easy to find as it is back behind a bunch of condos and when GPS has a hard time finding it you know you are in trouble.It was really a nice shop though.Had a huge bank of windows in their crop area and the colors were so soothing..sort of spa like.I bought a couple of things I had not seen anywhere else.

On Sunday we went to a movie,Oblivion with Tom Cruise..it was pretty good but man oh man sticker shock.We are used to the Old Regent here in town where a first run movie,popcorn and two soft drinks total $10.00.The theater in Columbus was $8.00 each for the movie and we skipped the popcorn and soda as that would have been $22.00..no thanks.

Much to fast our vacation was coming to an end.I wanted to hunt up a Joann's as I was looking for a 61/2 inch wide quilting ruler.I had been borrowing my friend Tina's to cut strips for a couple of quilts I am making for the girls new bunk beds.I found one and had a great coupon so it was pretty dirt cheap.

Now back to housework and real life.Thanks hubs for the nice minication...best time ever.Oh ya I was reading a magazine on the way home and found a coupon for a free jar of paint at Loews. I am thinking of painting my family room this color..what do you think?Sort of a dark pumpkin color.

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emarci said...

Oh Pam....What a great sounding trip! I'm glad you had a wonderful time and found some awesome goodies! I can't wait to see what you make with your new stash. Thanks so much for sharing. I love the pumpkin paint-it looks like you could make a pie with it!